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Motel - Standard Room Photos

Our Standard Motel Rooms have just what you need when you want a place to lay your head and be so close to the Dragon that you can just jump on your bike and there it is. Nothing beats staying right on the Dragon! These motel rooms are suitable for one to four people. Need something bigger? Take a look at our Apartment Motel Room photos.

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Welcome to the Official site for Deals Gap, Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort, The Dragon, and official and original Dragon t-shirts and items. Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort was established in 1981 at the head of the Dragon and quickly grew into a hub for all things Dragon, including our motel to stay at as you discover the area or ride the roads, a place to eat, have a beer or just hang out and watch the bikes and people. Thanks for visiting, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us or come on by.

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