Why Deals Gap should be on your bucket list

Everyone has a number of achievements or experiences they wish to accomplish within their lifetime. At Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort, we have quite a few guests that come through who describe how riding The Dragon they can now check off. Some people who visit us and ride the dragon say it’s thrilling while others say it’s breathtaking, and some even call it a magical place. As you think about the future, consider this list of items that show why The Dragon is a great bucket list experience.

1. The Challenge

The Dragon boasts 318 tight, mountainous curves along the 11-mile stretch of road making it the black diamond of motorcycle roads. Many of the curves are blind, and some are off-camber. This road is best suited for motorcyclists with experience under their belt. The good news is that for those who wish to go slower to navigate the road, there are nearly 100 paved pull offs to utilize to allow faster traffic to go by. There are also less technical roads in the area that are fun, like Highway 28 (Moonshiner), the Cherohala Skyway and Foothills Parkway.


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2. The Infamy

The Dragon is an infamous road. It’s a motorcycle destination not just well-known in the United States, but world-wide. The curves and scenic mountains attract people from all parts of the globe, and even television crews. The Dragon has been featured on recent television shows like AMC’s Ride with Norman Reedus, the Discovery Channel’s Hell Roads and also Top Gear, and movies like Thunder Road, The Fugitive, Two Lane Backdrop, In Dreams and Nell.

If you hang out at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort often enough, you’re likely to have celebrity sightings!

3. The “Wow” Factor

Deals Gap Motorcycle attracts all types of motorcycles and cars, it’s interesting to see the wide variety in our parking lot on any given day. Many times there are cars and motorcycles that are one-of-a-kind and have a real “wow” factor. It’s common to see multi-million dollar Bugattis, Ferraris that are hundreds of thousands of dollars and cars tricked out with all sorts of mods. Motorcyclists will enjoy seeing custom bikes designed by the likes of Roland Sands or Jason Paul Michaels, beautiful Ducati Desmosedicis and unique builds. It’s like a live and in-person motorcycle museum.

4. The Scenery

Deals Gap is a breathtaking place. Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, The Dragon meanders through the forest and mountains along the North Carolina / Tennessee border. Along the way, there’s beautiful canopy of trees, and a stunning overlook with panoramic views of the mountains and valleys and Calderwood Dam. If you continue along The Dragon past Tab Cat bridge, there’s mountain views as you ride or drive along Chilhowee Lake.

For even more great scenery, check out the many overlooks along Foothills Parkway or the Cherohala Skyway. Down Highway 28, there are beautiful views of Lake Fontana.


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5. The Experience

Imagine staying at resort where you can be fully immersed in the motorsports experience. At Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort, you’re right where all the action is and it’s only the resort and lodging that is directly located along The Dragon. While staying at the Resort, you can check out the famous “Tree of Shame,” enjoy evenings around our enormous fire pit and relax and hang out while seeing the fun sights of all the motorcycles and cars entering and exiting. In fact, it’s such a show that even the locals come and hang out to watch the “show.”

While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up an official Deals Gap decal or t-shirt. There’s no where else in the world you can get it!

6. The People

You’ll meet some of the most interesting people at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort. Don’t be surprised to meet a variety of people from different countries and all walks of life. Everyone has one language in common though: A passion for motorsports.

Many people come and visit Deals Gap and end up making lifelong friends, or you may find some interesting people to ride with.

7. The History

The Deals Gap area is steeped in rich history that dating back to the 1700s. The road was originally a trail likely worn down by animals of the area, and then was used by native Americans like the Cherokee. Later on, it was traversed during the Civil War era. A grave site dating back to the Civil War, known as Rebels Revenge, is located at mile marker 6.5.

8. The “Club”

Once you ride or drive The Dragon, and sport your dragon sticker, you become part of a club of sorts—the club of people who have experienced the road. When you see other riders or drivers with the iconic dragon sticker, you’ll be able to share your stories and experiences on The Dragon. Everyone has their special story of what it was like to ride the road and enjoy the area.

9. The Spectacle

Locals will tell you that there’s never a dull day on The Dragon. While visiting, we encourage you to find a corner along The Dragon and watch. It’s quite a sight. It’s exciting to watch the locals who know the road well expertly navigating the turns, or you might see some funny sights. People often like to dress up (mostly for the photographers), and sometimes they can go pretty over the top. Good or bad, on almost any given day, you’re likely to see something interesting.

If you visit Deals Gap on a Saturday during April through October, there’s a chance you can catch the Deals Gap Pit Bike Race Series, Fiddies 4 Life. If you want a spectacle, this is it. Taking place every three weeks, the races are right in the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort Parking lot. Racers, on 50cc pit bikes with significant mods and 88cc engines race each other for the chance to win end-of-season trophies. Crashes aren’t uncommon, and you’ll be surprised how fast these bikes and riders are. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

10. The Photos

You may have photos with your bike or car, or even GoPro footage, but do you have action photos against the amazing scenery of the Smoky Mountains taken of you riding or driving? There are photographers set up along The Dragon to capture these shots, and they do a great job. During, or after, your visit check out for your Dragon photos.

Consider adding The Dragon and a stay at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort to your bucket list. You won’t regret it. Contact us today by calling 1.800.889.5550 or visit us online at and book your stay now.

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