How we got involved with Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Like many folks our involvement stems from personal tragedy. In 2008 we where all excited that MOTO GP was coming to Indianapolis Speedway and a easy drive for us to make........Even better this group called Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation was hosting a ride on the track. well of course sign us up, a lap on the track on our motorcycles.....coul;d it even getter better than this ? Yup, they said bring all your 50' we are talking.


At the end of the ride the Foundation had a gathering to give out awards and raffle of some great items from the sponsors. We also sat down and listen to the stories from children and parents who have suffered this terrible disease. We listen to the wins, the losses, the fight and the aftermaths (good and bad). Then in the middle of it I got a call from my brother that his youngest son Steven was diagnosed with a brain about a kick in the balls...... In a instant these families stories of the fight became our families fight.... Well that day I had a very long conversation with Kyle who was the Foundations president at the time and all he offered was un-conditional support , words of encouragement that this can be beat and hope. Ever since that day we have supported this group, raised tens of thousands of dollars with the hopes that one day this fight is over and all the stories end with a win.


How's Steven 9 years later..... still having to deal with the aftermath of the treatment and surgeries....but 100% cancer free and one of the nicest young men you'll come across. If it wasn't for all the work this Foundation does I am not sure this would have been the outcome. For us this story ended with a victory.....sadly this is still not the case for many families. On OCT 7 2017, join us at the resort for our yearly fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds from that day goes to the Foundation.

The photo of the bike was drawn by a young man who was currently being treated for cancer. We had this custom made bike done with lots of drawings from kids.....sadly not all of our artists are still with us.

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