Tree of Shame

Tree of Shame - No Gain and a Lot of Pain

The Tree of Shame. Everyone should take a minute to see the "Tree of Shame." Started some time in the 80's by a group of Harley riders, it is a makeshift shrine to those bitten by the Dragon. After riders have successfully slayed the Dragon, Honda 750 gas tank slash ashtraythey can smile at the parts left behind by other riders who were not so fortunate.

While we don't recommend adding parts to the Tree of Shame, it does happen a few times too many each season. We ask that each part is signed, dated, and turned into the store's front counter for proper placement on the tree.

Usually we respect each rider's contribution to the tree, but the Honda 750 gas tank at left was just too beautiful to leave to rust under the tree - an ashtray was a much better fate.

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Wall of Shame