The Dragon

Meet Our Staff

How do you describe people who live, eat, and breathe The Dragon? You can't. You just have to come and meet them.


Brad Talbott

Brad Talbott - Owner, Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort

Position: Owner
Since: March 2003, Owner Since April 2004.
Rides: Triumph Tiger XC
Quote: "If no one is missing an eye, it can be fixed."

David Burris

David Burris - COO

Position: General Manager Vice COO
Since: They hired me.
Rides: Tiger Explorer XC
Quote: "I am smiling"

Michelle Lane

Michelle Lane - Office Manager / Human Resources

Position: Office Manager / Human Resources
Since: May 2002
Rides: 1st Bike - Honda 600, Last Bike - Honda 929
Quote: "Now there's my problem...", "Everyday is a Good Day."

Ramona "MonaBona" Posey

Ramona MonaBona Posey - Food & Beverage Director

Position: Food & Beverage Director
Since: May 2010
Rides: Fastest PT Cruiser on Hwy 28
Quote: " "

Dan "The Man" Deloach

Dan The Man Deloach - Maintenance Director

Position: Maintenance Director
Since: April 2004
Rides: Heritage Soft Tail Classic Harley 2007
Quote: "Sportbikes are the Chlorine in the Gene Pool."

Day in the Life at DGMR

What's it like to work at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort? Well, if you love motorcycles and the lifestyle, plus the people and area, it is the perfect place to work. Come along for a Day in the Life of the DGMR employees, and you'll see there's so much more.