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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January 01, 2016

Information Collection And Use, aka the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort website, does not collect personal information from our website visitors.

Names & Email Addresses

We do allow website visitors to email us, in which website visitors provide their names and email addresses. Email addresses and names are solely used for communication purposes between the sender and, aka the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort website, and are never given or sold to other entities.

General Statistical Data, aka the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort website, does collect General Statistical Data, such as entry/exit pages to/from our website, hits, kilobytes downloaded, visits, our website pages/files downloaded, browser types, search strings, referrers and hostnames. This is solely for our use in determining statistics of our website and ways in which to improve it and does not contain any vistor-specific personal information.

Cookies, aka the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort website, does not store cookies on website visitor's computers and does not require cookies for our website's use.

Links To Other Sites, aka the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort website, links to several third-party websites, in order to bring you information, amenities, attractions, etc from around the Eastern TN and Western NC area, as well as parts beyond.

Many of these third-party links are submitted to us, but some we do gather to bring you the information you need when visiting the area.

We do try our best to ensure that you are taken to high quality websites, but, of course, we cannot guarantee the content of these third-party websites.

Therefore, we take no responsibility for any of these third-party links and their subsequent websites, nor the websites that these third-party websites link to on their own.

Copyright, aka the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort website, respects intellectual property rights and we expect that information our website visitors submit to us (such as photos, videos, text, etc) for inclusion on our website is shown that respect as well. We respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement when they are combined with proper and legal notice of the copyright violations. Such notices should be reported to us through the information on our contact page.