The Dragon

Maps & Driving Directions

We have created and compiled some of the most accurate maps for our region. Choose between maps of the area, which shows the roads and counties of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, or maybe you'd like to see actual Dragon maps, which offers a map of the Dragon's curves with names and an aerial view of the Dragon, plus we have a street and satellite views of the resort, Dragon and surrounding areas too.

If you are making a trip to Deal's Gap, the Dragon or parts surrounding us, keep in mind that the map services and GPS do not get you directly here, so you'll want to make sure you have our accurate driving directions.

Area Maps, Western NC map, Eastern TN map
Dragon Maps, Map of the Dragon's Curves and Aerial View of the Dragon
Driving Directions to Deals Gap, Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort, The Dragon
Links to page with streets, satellite views and more
Area Bike Rides