The Dragon

Dragon Songs & Poems

These are mateirals submitted by our customers, including songs and poems about the Dragon. Would you like to have your song or poem included in this collection? Just send them in to and ask that they be displayed on this page!

Dragon Songs

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The Ballad of the Gap YouTube Video by Mark "eMeFeF" Faulkner

Updated! Dragon Breath Song MP3 by Arthur Holt at

Dragon Breath Song MP3 by Arthur Holt at

318 Curves, 11 Miles MP3 by Mike Wells, Grantville, GA

Ballad of Deals Gap MP3 by Bill & Liz Lowery

Dragon Poems

Poem of the Dragon by H.Cameron Clark

Deal's Gap Poem by Shoney Wilcoxen

The Dragon by Clyde Van Loyd

Riding the Dragon by Greg Polakow

The Joust by Randy Menefee

Dragon Riding 101 by Greg Polakow